Santo Domingo Pueblo

Parent/child Literacy Program

Ideas to encourage children to develop a life-long love of reading:

  • Talk through processes you do: doing laundry, fixing a car, cooking, pulling weeds, driving a car, paying a bill, giving a bath, getting a child dressed
  • Tell stories
  • Spend 15 minutes every day reading – anything!
  • Read aloud: a recipe, a grocery bill, a food label, signs, mail, magazines, newspapers, posters, phone messages
  • Read together and talk with your child: guess what will happen on the next page, have the child talk about the pictures
  • Read a wordless book together and make up a story that fits the picture sequence
  • Reread favorite stories and books
  • Sing songs and rhymes (e.g., Peek-a-Boo, This Little Piggy), clap to the rhythm
  • Use the close-captioned feature of videos, TV, YouTube
  • Introduce new words and explain what they mean.
  • Expand on a child’s language: “Milk.” “You would like a glass of milk?” Child nods. “Yes, you can have some milk. Milk is healthy. It is good for your teeth.”
  • Label things in the house (e.g., stove, desk, chair, window, door, clock, floor, rug, bed, toilet, mirror)
  • Cut out or draw pictures and caption them
  • Provide writing material: crayons, pencils, paper (even backs of mailed paper); have children do “pretend” writing
  • Make an ABC book from cut out pictures – or draw the pictures; that becomes the child’s book
  • Create a child’s home library (it can be a cardboard box)
  • Buy a book or give a magazine subscription to a child
  • Make every trip a reading trip: read signs, read maps, read labels in stores, read menus, introduce vocabulary words (e.g., groceries, aisle, shelf, freezer, scale, produce, dairy, check-out stand, cashier)

Visit your local Library

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Santo Domingo Public Library