Reading Nation’s ALA Convention Presentation

Our panel discussion for the ALA annual convention was very well received! Huge thanks to everyone that participated! View the whole presentation:

A huge thank you to all our partners and consultants that participated!

Anthony Chow, Moderator,

Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, UNG Greensboro,Greensboro, North Carolina

Adam Lambert, Library Manager, Qualla Boundary Tribal Library

Karla Clark, School Librarian, Crow Agency Elementary School

Cynthia Aguilar, Director, Santo Domingo Pueblo Tribal Library

Kim Sellers, Program Director Reading Education, UNC Pembroke

Greig Metzger, Executive Director, Little Free Libraries

Lesley J. Farmer, Professor of Library Media, CSULB, Los Alamitos, California

Ada Sanchez, School Librarian, Santo Domingo Pueblo Elementary School

Melissa Casey, Research Assistant and Web Specialist, UNC Greensboro

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