Welcome to Reading Nation Waterfall

Who We Are

The name Reading Nation Waterfall represents an aspirational and resolute metaphor for the vision and desired outcomes of our project. As waterfalls tirelessly carry pure water that turn into streams and rivers bringing the nutrients for life to flourish, we hope to do the same for tribal communities by saturating the daily ecosystem of children and families with carefully selected books for children and their caregivers and information about culturally relevant programs and resources at their local libraries.

“Growing up in a Tribal home you experience the benefits of family members telling you stories of how things happened, for example, “How the skunk got his tail” or “Why the possum plays dead”. Tribal people know the benefits of storytelling to the young children in close proximity (sitting on grandma’s lap). We appreciate the efforts of UNC Greensboro in recognizing the benefits of reading to young children and wanting to get books into Tribal homes. We hope that this is only the beginning and in the future more Tribal programs will get the benefits of reading to children.”

Tina Routh, President, National Indian Head Start Directors Association

“Books, especially those which encourage young children to read with their families, promote their engagement, curiosity and natural desire to learn and hear about something new. Children will automatically engage with books that are relevant to their world, and which they have immediate access to. The receipt of this grant will put more books in children’s hands, and therefore more opportunities for families to engage with each other and promote learning in our Native cultures and environments.”

Jo Williams, Zone 5 Representative, National Indian Head Start Directors Association